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Kuwait closes mosques; Muslims to pray at home

Kuwait closes mosques; Muslims to pray at home

As three Arab states of the Persian Gulf stepped up the fight against spread of deadly coronavirus, Kuwait closed its mosques and instructed worshippers to pray at home.

According to Kuwait’s Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, it is for the first time that they have amended ‘adhan’ (the Muslim call to prayer). Videos on social media showed worshippers being told to not to come to mosques for congregational prayers.

The ‘muezzin’, or person who calls for the Muslim prayer, would continue to make the call, authorities said. But instead of typical “come to pray,” worshippers are being instructed to: “pray in your homes.”

As of Saturday, Kuwait reported 80 coronavirus cases.

Country’s government has already banned entry to parks and meetings in restaurants, cafes and commercial centres.

All commercial flights to and from Kuwait were suspended Friday.

(with agency inputs).