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Kalashnikovs to quadcopter drones — Russian reservists are back in boot camp to master weapon skills 

A file image of Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu (Image courtesy: Ministry of Defence, Russia)

Russian citizens called up from the reserve as part of partial mobilization have begun intensive combat training in the zone of the ongoing special military operation in Ukraine.

Footage of the newly-arrived reservists undergoing training as part of platoons and assault groups has been made public by the Russian Ministry of Defence.

The videos show “experienced mentors” from Russia’s Airborne Forces giving lessons in combat coordination to the military personnel.

Honing skills in fire training with standard weapons – including shooting from Kalashnikov (AK-74) assault rifles, machine guns and RPG-7 hand grenade launchers – as well as storming buildings, installing, detecting and neutralizing explosive devices, tackling radiation, chemical and biological hazards are all part of their extensive drills which are being conducted “day and night”.

In the course of combat coordination, the military personnel will also master the skills in providing first aid to the wounded and conducting evacuation from the battlefield.

“After the combat coordination, the units, staffed by mobilized citizens and volunteers, will begin to carry out the tasks for which they were intended,” the Russian Defence Ministry detailed.

Even as the military personnel learn skills of operating as part of units and master the military equipment and weapons, the process of sending mobilized citizens continues all over Russia.

Ceremonies are being conducted to send hundreds of citizens to the training grounds of various military districts as the military orchestra performs ‘Farewell of Slavianka’ – the famous Russian patriotic march.

Far away at one of the training grounds of the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, the reservists are learning to operate unmanned aerial vehicles, including quadcopter drones.

The crews are also trained to drop a payload simulating an explosive device from a special device attached to the drone.

russia quadcopter

The purpose of the training course, says the Russian Defence Ministry, is to develop the skills necessary for conducting aerial reconnaissance, geospatial orientation, and recognition of various objects, including camouflaged ones.

Calling out his countrymen for military service in the eighth month of ongoing conflict with Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin had announced the partial mobilisation on September 21.

“If the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we use all available means to protect our people – this is not a bluff,” Putin said in a TV address to the nation.

As reported by IndiaNarrative.com earlier, Russia plans to utilise the resources of its vast – almost 25 million – reserves who have combat experience and military specialty.

“The time has come to put into practice the experience gained during the annual strategic exercises,” said Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu.

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