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Kabul shocker: Taliban commander & social media head General Mobeen accused of raping minor boy

General Mobeen, a commander of the Taliban and head of the group’s social media team, has been accused of raping a minor Afghan boy in Kabul (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@qader_bacha)

General Mobeen, a commander of the Taliban and head of the group’s social media team, has been accused of raping a minor Afghan boy in Kabul.  The incident has come as a major embarrassment for the Taliban leadership.

An Afghan news agency Ajmal News shared a copy of the complaint filed by the victim’s family with the Kabul security force on social media on Thursday.

The letter says that a case has been filed in 12th security district of

Kabul city against the Taliban commander General Mobin for allegedly drugging and raping a minor boy. An investigation has been initiated.

General Mobin, as he is known among the Taliban’s militant cadre, is believed to be close to Anas Haqqani, the younger brother of the Interior Minister of the Taliban regime and chief of the Haqqani Network. He was appointed incharge of security of Kabul for a brief period.  During the Taliban’s advance towards Kabul, Mobeen used to upload the victory video clips on the Taliban’s social media. After the Group’s capture of Kabul, he was seen on all national and international channels.

When Afghan women were demonstrating on the streets of Kabul against the Taliban’s regressive orders, Mobin, who was then incharge of Kabul, told AFP that "women were creating a disruption. These protesters are gathered based only on the conspiracy of foreign intelligence," he claimed.

Mobin became a social media sensation in Pakistan and Afghanistan when he warned Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan against interfering in the internal matters of his country. He went on national television to criticise Khan, saying the Taliban do not “give anyone” the right to call for an inclusive government, and that the Taliban government reserves “the right to have our own system”.

“Imran Khan himself did not come from the support of the Pakistani people. Everyone calls Imran a puppet. But I do not have the right to call him this. We do not give anyone the right to interfere in our system. If anyone interferes, we also have the right to intervene,” He said during a TV show.

Video : Taliban Commander Mubeen warns PM Imran Khan

In his latest video, General Mobeen warned the Afghan cricket players of “dire” consequences if they don’t kiss the Islamic Emirate’s flag on return from Dubai. He also asked the Afghan citizens to accept and respect the IEA flag.

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