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Jihadists control cattle smuggling into Bangladesh, recruit Rohingyas

Jihadists control cattle smuggling into Bangladesh, recruit Rohingyas

Indian cattle getting smuggled into Bangladesh is not new. A deadly dimension, however, is that of jihadists taking their share of funds from the operators across south Bengal border with Bangladesh. And the old story get further expanded as Indian agencies began investigating the recently arrested Al Qaida men involved in fund collection from cattle smugglers and recruitment of Rohingyas.

The unfolding story has opened up more scandals. The Central Bureau of Investigation looking into the case booked 12 Border Security Force men who were involved in making money from the racketeers. An insider in the National Investigation Agency, also investigating the case, told this writer “This makes the case more serious and we need to look into this involvement.”

The nexus also involved a few customs officials, sharing the booty from Murshidabad chief racketeer Enamul Haque who allegedly controlled the racket in Dhaka.

The nine Al Qaida men, rounded up from Murshidabad district in September and another picked up from Kerala, revealed the links between cattle-smuggling and jihadist money.

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The arrested Al Qaida activists had links with fundamentalist groups both in Pakistan and Bangladesh. They “may have plans to set up a colony of terrorists in the sensitive district. They were involved in fund collection and recruitment drive,” admitted a senior BSF official.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Shaikh Hasina has failed to globalize the issue of Rohingyas. Displaced and without any means of livelihood, they have become an easy target of recruitment for the terrorist group operating from Murshidabad and other near about areas. A top Bangladeshi politician told this writer: “Hasina failed to bring Myanmar under global pressure.”

The investigation also revealed that the jihadists worked out plans to strike at major Indian cities, especially with Assembly polls in Bengal round the corner.

It’s still not known to what extent Dhaka will help in curtailing jihadist terror, for it may come under pressure from Jamat, a fundamentalist group. “But no matter how bitter the pill, one has to take it as there isn't any escape,”' the Bangladeshi politician said.

For India, the cattle smuggling-jihadist money making- Rohingya recruitment nexus has to be stopped for good, even if some officials having made money are severely dealt with, feel investigating officials.

Interestingly, the racket starts from north Indian states and their moneyed milk sellers who sell off their old cattle, a very senior BSF official told this writer..