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Jaishankar meets with Secy General of French Foreign Affairs Ministry Anne-Marie Descotes

Secretary-General of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs Anne-Marie Descotes, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar (Image: @DrSJaishankar)

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar held a meeting with Secretary-General of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs Anne-Marie Descotes on Monday. He stated that the strategic partnership between two nations is growing from “strength to strength.”

Jaishankar expressed confidence that the Foreign Office Consultations and Strategic Space Dialogue between the two nations will further enhance the momentum of India-France ties.

In a post on social media platform X, Jaishankar stated, “Good to receive Secretary General Anne-Marie Descotes of France this morning. Our strategic partnership is growing from strength to strength. Confident that the Foreign Office Consultations and Strategic Space Dialogue will further enhance its momentum.”

India and France have held traditionally close and friendly relations. In 1998, the two nations entered into Strategic Partnership which is emblematic of their convergence of views on various international issues in addition to a close and growing bilateral relationship.

On February 29, French Consul General in Mumbai Jean-Marc Sere-Charlet highlighted the robust relationship between India and France and spoke about shared values and interests, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region.

Responding to a query about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Sere-Charlet expressed admiration, stating, “PM Modi is a friend of France. He has proved it on different occasions. His relationship with President Macron is very strong.”

He emphasised the significance of strong bilateral ties between the two nations, starting at the highest levels of leadership. He added, “France and India share not only values but also interests, especially in the Indo-Pacific region. It’s very important that France and India work well together.”

Highlighting the growing connection between two nations in education sector, Sere-Charlet said, “We’ve got strong links between India and France in various fields like business and education.”

He noted the increase in the number of Indian students studying in France and expressed a desire for more Indian students to experience the quality of French education.

“With more than 1,700 courses taught in English in France, you don’t need to speak French perfectly to come and study here,” he pointed out, showcasing the accessibility of French education.

Turning to the business landscape, Sere-Charlet emphasized the growing economic collaboration. “More than 400,000 Indians are working in India for French companies, and the investment is developing every year,” he said.