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ISI tortures journalist Tanveer Ahmed in Mirpur jail to set example for POK locals

ISI tortures journalist Tanveer Ahmed in Mirpur jail to set example for POK locals

Acting on ISI's directions the dummy Supreme Court of POK (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir) rejected the bail plea of senior journalist Tanveer Ahmed and is making efforts to make him an example for local Kashmiris about what could be done to people who don't follow the diktats of the Pakistan Army.

Tanveer Ahmed was arrested in August this year when he took down the Pakistani flag at Dadyal in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK). Tanveer Ahmed's wife Fareezam Rajput recently met her husband in the Mirpur Central Jail and said that certain "invisible forces" want to give out a strong message to other Kashmiris through her husband's case.

"Tanveer saheb had deep faith in the judiciary but this has been proved wrong. Fareezam feels that political interference is preventing her husband's release from jail," a senior government functionary in Muzaffarabad told News Intervention. He confirmed that politicians from Islamabad and the Pakistani generals want to make Tanveer Ahmed as an example for Kashmiri locals in the POK region. "The judiciary is taking direct orders from Rawalpindi. There are every possible chances that Tanveer saheb might be killed inside the jail. This will give a clear message to other Kashmiris that everyone has to follow diktats from Islamabad."

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Earlier in October this year, Tanveer Ahmed's family, friends and well-wishers began a sit-in at Dadyal, Mirpur in POK soon after his arrest as part of their protest campaign to demand for his safe release. Despite threats these protests and demonstrations for the release of Tanveer Ahmed continued, which has further irked the ISI and Pakistani generals.

Several people from POK belonging to different walks of life have attended the protest camp site and expressed solidarity with the family members of Tanveer Ahmed.

Tanveer Ahmed has been on a hunger strike since November 1 and his health has been deteriorating ever since. Interestingly, Tanveer Ahmed is a local Kashmiri from POK and is also a British citizen. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has expressed concern about the 'appalling treatment' to a British national.

Legally, Tanveer Ahmed's arrest and denial of bail is completely illegal. Tanveer Ahmed took down the Pakistani flag from an area which Pakistan itself calls as "Azad Kashmir" which implies that the flag of other nations cannot be hoisted. However, the term "Azad Kashmir" is a misnomer as this part of Kashmir has been illegally occupied by Pakistan since 1947 and everything is run on the whims and fancies of Islamabad.

By taking down the Pakistani flag from Dadyal, Tanveer Ahmed was only trying to implement POK's "Azadi" in letter and spirit that Pakistan says at every forum. But this did not go down well in Pakistan and Tanveer Ahmed was promptly arrested and has been denied all legal remedies. Now, the Pakistan Army wants to make Tanveer Ahmed an example in POK and Gilgit-Baltistan..