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Indian students in UAE launch app, comic series for workers

A 17-year-old Indian student in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and his younger brother have come up with a savings calculator and a comic series, based on economic and market trends for the benefit of pupils and blue-collar workers.

Varun Mittal and his younger brother Aman, both students at the Jumeirah College, have created the app and the comic series. They have launched the two under a social enterprise platform called SOCRISE.

The savings calculator app, called Cash, will help an individual keep track of his or her funds, helping the user in not only expenses but in savings as well, reported <em>Gulf news </em>this week.

The comic series, written as – eCOnoMICs – is based on the concept of economics to provide a better understanding through a simplistic and illustrative format. The app has been developed in multiple languages for easy use and understanding. The bilingual comic series in Hindi and English is already being distributed to workers across labor camps in the UAE.

"I am passionate about economics and also recognize my privileged position in society. I used the two concepts to drive a message to young students and workers in UAE to help them learn how to save so it will leave them financially independent," Varun said.

"It is primarily meant for the labor community and aims to help improve their financial knowledge. The app takes inflation and wage growth into account to give a more accurate timeframe for how long it would take. Allowing blue-collared workers to better manage their finances," <em>Gulf News </em>quoted the 17-year-old student, as saying.

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