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Indian Americans lend support to Israel even as India does the balancing trick

Tension between Israel and Palestine has led to protests in Western cities. A scene from Berlin (Photo: IANS)

As the Israeli conflict with Hamas captures the attention of the world and the governments make efforts at issuing apolitical statements, Indian Americans in Chicago have openly come out in support of Israel.

Indian Americans in Chicago have supported Israel by carrying out two rallies in the Chicago area, one of which was held downtown. They believe that Israel had to defend itself against the terror attacks by Hamas.

One of the demonstrations had Indian-American leader Dr Bharat Barai along with Jewish leader Peggy Shapiro. Barai said that the Indian community in the US is with the people of Israel who are targeted by rocket attacks by the Hamas militants. Barai added that the Hamas militants have not only killed people in Israel but also terrorised the people in Gaza. He said that people on both sides deserve to live in peace.

Shapiro thanked the ‘Hindu-American community’ for the support. News agency PTI says that officials from the Israel consulate were present at the rally.

Officially, India has condemned the violence in Israel and has advocated for a peaceful solution. TS Tirumurti, India's Permanent Representative to the UN, reiterated India’s commitment towards the Palestinian cause and reiterated the two-state solution at the UN Security Council debate.

India has historically been a supporter of the Palestinian people but also maintains close relations with Israel. These relations have only been growing stronger. At the same time, under the present regime of Narendra Modi, India has developed a close rapport with numerous Arab nations in the region.

Many Indian social media users have, however, supported Israel during this conflict and some have even shown disappointment with the Indian government for not being vocal enough in its support for Israel.