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India Social and Culture Centre reopens in Abu Dhabi

India Social and Culture Centre reopens in Abu Dhabi

<p id="gmail-content">The India Social and Culture Centre (ISC) has reopened its doors for the Indian community after remaining shut for six months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a media report said.</p>
"We have received the permission of opening from the Ministry of Community Development and we are all very delighted. We have informed our members to rejoin the center and start availing the world-class indoor and outdoor facilities," ISC President Yogesh Prabhu told Gulf News yesterday.

The oldest and largest social organization of Indians in the capital, the ISC has more than 1,800 members from all parts of India.

However, on first day of opening only a few people turned up to the center, Prabhu said.

All games and activities have restarted at the center, except for the swimming pool.

A maximum of 12 persons are allowed to enter the badminton court at a time in a slotted time frame then another 12 people will be permitted to play to maintain social distancing and precautions, he added.

Six to eight persons are permitted to enter the gym at a time.

Most ISC members are businessmen and professionals such as lawyers, financial advisers, and bankers.

Established in 1967, the ISC celebrated golden jubilee in 2017 in its five-story building that has several sports and games facilities, and provisions for cultural and recreational use.

"All precautionary measures including a thermal screening at the entrance and regular sanitization of the premises are being carried out in a measured way," Prabhu told Gulf News.

As community support during the pandemic, the center had recently allocated a free space to Air India Express for ticketing purposes..