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India-Canada ties turning sour as Trudeau govt drags feet on curbing Sikh radicals 

Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) separatists are planning to hold a so-called referendum on Khalistan on November 6

In order to stop further deterioration of diplomatic relations, India has asked Canada to stop the so-called Khalistan Referendum, being organised by the banned US-based Sikhs for Justice organisation in Canada.

The second leg of the referendum is slated to be held on November 6 in Mississauga, Ontario. The referendum was first held in Brampton on September 18.

New Delhi has reminded the Justin Trudeau government that both countries had agreed at the highest levels, not to allow the use of their territories for activities detrimental to each other’s security and national interest, a senior official confirmed.

India has expressed the view that Canada should take strict action against those who promote terror and violence. “Canadian soil and properties should not be allowed to spew venom against a friendly country,” India has conveyed.

The Indian High Commission in Ottawa on Tuesday served a demarche to the Executive Director of Global Affairs Canada in Ontario stating that the so-called referendum scheduled for Nov 6 in Mississauga would be the second unlawful exercise by the proscribed SFJ, according to a report in the Hindustan Times.

Although the Canadian government had in a note verbale, on Sept 26, conveyed to New Delhi that it does not recognize such so-called “referendums” it has stopped short of initiating any action to stop these anti-India activities.

The Canadian government has been taking recourse to the plea that it cannot stop these elements from expressing their view as it is part of the freedom of speech in a democratic country.

However, the Indian High Commission has informed their counterparts that the proscribed SFJ was trying to radicalize Sikh students by asking them to vote in the so-called referendum on Nov 6. This is causing a rift in the Indian community and leading to politicising of educational campuses and vitiating the peaceful environment.

New Delhi in fact has requested the Canadian government to denounce in strongest terms such attempts at promoting violence and threatening the territorial integrity of India.

Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar has clearly stated that Canada should not allow freedom of expression to be misused by anti-India forces preaching violence and bigotry.

The Canadian government’s letter to the Indian High Commission also tries to explain away the incidents of vandalism of Hindu temples like that of Swaminarayan mandir in Brampton, by saying that several suspects were arrested by the police in March this year and further investigations were going on.

The Sikh extremists are also brazenly supported by the Pakistan Consul General in Vancouver who had also timed his visit to a gurdwara in Brampton at the time the earlier so-called referendum was being carried out. India’s hostile neighbour is known for promoting cross-border terrorism and harbouring terrorist groups on its soil.

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