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Human rights report exposes alarming rate of missing persons in Balochistan

Paank Human Rights Report of Balochistan March 2024

The latest report by Paank, the human rights department of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) revealed alarming figures. According to the report, in March 2024, 24 individuals were forcibly disappeared in Balochistan by Pakistani forces, two were extrajudicially killed and 21 tortured victims were released.

In Pakistan’s most underdeveloped area, Balochistan, the country’s intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence, has been accused of committing all kinds of atrocities, including, abduction, killing and torture, to instil fear.

Injustice and strong feelings of alienation have forced some Baloch people to pick up arms and they are continuously targeting Pakistani Army personnel and Chinese assets in their region.

Further, the human rights department said, “Those who advocate for the betterment of their society are consistently targeted by the Pakistani army. The Pakistani army views enforced disappearances as the only means of stifling Baloch national consciousness. This tactic has been used for the past 20 years and students and the educated class are the primary targets.”

“Baloch students are being forcibly disappeared from educational institutions and streets after being arrested. For days, months, and years, they are detained in torture cells. Even if a number of them are set free, they are mentally paralysed as the Pakistani army and secret agencies guard their minds,” as per Paank.

The report revealed a disturbing rise in cases of forceful disappearances while highlighting instances where people were compelled to take to the streets in various parts of Balochistan.

Paank claimed that its team also spoke to victim families in one case and found out that the dead bodies of their loved ones were found despite the police’s assurance that their children would be recovered safely.

The social media incidents only highlight a small portion of forced disappearances and unlawful detentions, so more in-depth investigation and scientific observations are required to fully understand the suffering of Baloch youths.