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France has closed 21 mosques to fight radicalism, says interior minister

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin.

France has shuttered 21 mosques  in recent months for “inciting hatred” and “violence” against Christians, Jews and homosexuals, French Interior Minister  Gerald Darmanin said.

Speaking to TV channel LCI, he pointed out that 99 mosques in France were under the scanner.

“21 have been closed and for 6 others, closures are being considered, “ the minister said as reported by the European Jewish Press.

21 mosques closed in France for 'inciting hatred' and 'violence' against Christians, Jews, and homosexuals – EJP (ejpress.org)

The report pointed out that last August, France adopted a separatism law to fight Islamic radicalism.

The minister added that “for 36 mosques, controls have shown that the law of the Republic was strictly observed. To demonstrate this, he gave the example of mosques that have “separated from an imam considered dangerous…”

without naming the Imam, Darmanin said that Imam had reportedly made remarks that “glorify jihad and the fighters, whom he describes as heroes.”

Tackling the threat of radicalism is likely to become a major theme ahead of presidential elections scheduled for April 2022.

“We obviously do not confuse the minority part of the places of worship suspected of separatism with the vast majority of Muslims in France who do not pose any problem,” the minister declared.

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