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Fierce fighting in Bolan kills 15 Pakistani troops says Baloch insurgent group

Pakistani military (Photo: Twitter/@NewsIntervene)

One of the foremost Baloch rebel groups, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has claimed that it has killed “15 enemy personnel” in several attacks while losing three of its own fighters in fierce fighting in Bolan, Balochistan.

The large-scale fight in Bolan started early November, after the BLA gave an ultimatum to Pakistan for the release of two abducted soldiersJCO Kaleem Ullah and military intelligence officer Mohammad Faisal, from Harnai, Balochistan, on September 25.

Ignoring the ultimatum over the abducted soldiers, Pakistan retaliated against the BLA rebels with full might, reportedly using fighter jets, helicopter gunships and drones. India Narrative had earlier reported that Pakistan has been deploying China-made drones against the Baloch nationalists.

In a late night press release, BLA also claimed that Pakistani forces “used local shepherds and women and children as human shield”.

Jeeyand Baloch, spokesperson for the BLA, said: “The enemy forces disconnected all land routes to the area, and used fighter jets, gunship helicopters, military drones and their elite commandos during the attack”. The fighting is going on in Kamaan, Uch Kamaan, Gumbadi, Darag, Peerani Pirah, Yakho, Thakri and the Bolan and Harnai regions.

Italian journalist, Francesca Marino who has written the book, Balochistan — Bruised, Battered and Bloodied, said in a recent article that the scale of Pakistan’s military operation in Bolan is equal to that of a war against its own people. She has compared the fighting in Balochistan to Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine.

While the Baloch have named the intense fights as the ‘Battle of Bolan’, the Pakistani government, the mainstream media and the Pakistani army media agency ISPR are keeping quiet over the conflict which has wreaked havoc on the local population.

Last week, the Pakistani military had kidnapped 13 women and children during raids in mountain villages. The women and children were kidnapped after the deaths of two soldiers. The 13 were released under intense pressure mounted by Baloch groups cutting across political lines.

Baloch groups have even claimed that with the intense operation going on in Bolan, water and food supplies for the villagers in the mountainous regions is in short supply. The military has imposed curfews in various areas.

Meanwhile, there is no news about the two abducted soldiers. The Pakistani army has not issued a statement and neither has the BLA said anything their whereabouts.

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