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Dubai Princess shares awesome video of little kitten putting up a fight against big tigers

Screengrab from video instagrammed by Dubai Princess Latifa Rashed.

Dubai Princess Latifa Rashed Al Maktoum shared CCTV footage on Instagram showing a little kitten that strayed into a tigers enclosure and was attacked by the big cats. The kitten put up a brave fight before two keepers rushed in two rescue her from the tigers.

Sharing the video of the kitten rescue, the Princess wrote: "This little stray got into one of the tiger enclosures and was caught by the tigers." She added that the "brave miracle kitten" was doing well after being rescued and "won't be a little stray anymore."

It is legal in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to keep animals such as tigers and lions as pets. Latifa Rashed Al Maktoum regularly shares photos and videos of tigers and other animals on her Instagram page.