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Dubai-based Indian student writes book on computer programming

A Dubai-based Indian student used his stay-at-home time due to the Covid-19 pandemic to write a book on computer programming, a media report said.

The Khaleej Times report published on Saturday said that the 12-year-old Amritesh Banerjee, the class 8 student of Cambridge International School, Dubai, is not only a published writer, but is also coaching students virtually.

"It took me four months to complete this book. The paperback version was launched in September. The online version will be launched on October 15, which is the World Students' Day," said Amritesh.

"My father got 5,000 likes on his LinkedIn profile after he posted my book. That's when people started approaching him, saying their children, who are my age, needed guidance on the subject.

"So I've held a few online classes as peer-to-peer learning can prove to be immensely helpful in understanding concepts. My father has always reiterated … that learning is about sharing," the Khaleej Times report quoted the student as saying.

Amritesh, who loves all things mathematics, has already learnt multiple computer programming languages, developed video games and also customised an AI chatbot.

"My Grade 7 IT teacher in the school really inspired me to take up this project. My father further guided me. Gradually, I started getting interested in it and got so absorbed that I could not stop. I ended up writing 5,000 words, which turned into a book.

"So, this book provides all the real-world solutions to those who are venturing into the world of Python programming. Therefore, this book is for beginners. Soon, I intend to undertake a project for advanced levels, too," he said..