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Donald Trump’s foreign policy is good; Biden will follow it

Donald Trump’s foreign policy is good; Biden will follow it

Such has been salutary effect of US President Donald Trump’s foreign policy that even the liberal establishment, which rabidly hates him, is forced to acknowledge his accomplishments. The commentariat and the mainstream media have maligned Trump relentlessly in the last four years, portraying him as a rich buffoon who knows little and cares less for the man in the street. In this estimation, something as esoteric as foreign policy was surely not his cup of tea. Yet, eggheads are recognizing not only the lasting effect he will have on foreign policy but also its inherent soundness and virtuousness.

So, the <em>Washington Post</em> wrote, “President Trump set the United States on a new course with his years-long fight against Chinese technology, which he labeled a security threat and a tool for spreading Chinese influence. President-elect Joe Biden will probably tweak that approach, but Beijing shouldn’t anticipate a significant softening, foreign affairs and technology experts say.”

Then there is an article in <em>Foreign Policy</em>, in which Ray Takeyh showers fulsome praise on the US President. Takeyh slams international affairs pundits for overlooking the fact that “the Trump administration has pursued a successful Middle East policy. And it succeeded precisely because it challenged entrenched assumptions. In the end, Trump will hand President-elect Joe Biden a region that is more stable than it was four years ago and an alliance network that is stronger than the one Trump inherited. This is a worthy legacy that will be squandered by the Democrats if they are determined to eviscerate all things Trump.”

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Unfortunately, that is a real possibility, for the Democratic Party is increasingly moving Leftward; the radical Left, which will be represented by vice-president-elect Kamala Harris, has cast its evil shadow over the party (In fact, the radical Left’s influence in liberal political parties is growing all over the world, be it the Labour Party in the UK or the Congress in India. It is worth mentioning here that tukde-tukde gang-types and other professional revolutionaries are in the inner coteries of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi).

While Trump’s legacy in foreign affairs is likely to be continued by Biden, and even many mainstream commentators are okay with the continuity, there are many whose hatred for the US President exceeds their regard for reason and facts. So, Justin Sink and Nick Wadhams of <em>Bloomberg</em> are unhappy about Trump’s decisions in the last few weeks of his administration, “The outgoing administration’s aggressive rear-guard tactics go well beyond past last-minute actions undertaken by parties about to lose control of the White House. Major decisions, involving both domestic and foreign policy, are in the works that Trump and his aides know Biden opposes.”

As typical Sinophiles, they also worry about the continuation of Trump’s China policy: “Sanctions singling out China’s leaders would infuriate the government of President Xi Jinping and bring ties between the two nations to their lowest point in decades. Biden would struggle to clear such a toxic atmosphere as he seeks to cooperate with China in areas, such as climate change, that the Trump administration neglected.” As if Xi and his commie cronies would be happy with anything less than complete capitulation of the rest of the world.

Come what may, it is almost certain that in the realm of America’s foreign policy Trumpism will stay. It is good that some of his haters are recognizing this fact..