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Corona: Hindus, Christians face discrimination in Pak

Corona: Hindus, Christians face discrimination in Pak

Pakistan Wednesday faced a huge backlash from the world community for its discriminatory attitude towards non-Muslims amidst the global coronavirus crisis.

Several videos have emerged from various parts of Pakistan, from Sindh to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, showing minority Hindus and Christians pleading for help and alleging huge discrimination by the ruling government as far as ration supplies are concerned.

"My son operates an auto-rickshaw. Since past one week, he's sitting at home as everything is closed. Our entire family is dependent on him. The authorities are providing food and other necessary items to my Muslim brothers but nothing to us. Whenever we go and ask for help they note down our address and tell us they'll contact us. But nobody has come so far. Just because we are Hindus, we've been left to die," said a man from Multan.

In another video, a lady said that while they've faced discrimination all through their lives, the present crisis has proved that Prime Minister Imran Khan is no different than his predecessors. "Imran Khan talks about humanity, et al. He shows himself as a great servant of the poor and needy. Isn't he able to see our plight? Are we not the citizens of Pakistan just like the Muslims? This epidemic has united the world but the government of this country is out to settle scores with the minorities," she said.

In faraway Karachi, the locals are seen jostling for daily needs. They somehow succeed to get the food supplies from the local authorities but the Hindus and Christians return empty handed.

"Nobody is thinking about us. We don't exist at all for them. There's nothing left at home. When we approach the specially set up public distribution shops, we are chased away by the cops. Where do we go now? We will die of hunger for sure," said a Hindu man.

The confirmed cases of coronavirus went past the 2,000-mark in Pakistan Wednesday. PM Khan is already struggling to keep the public's patience intact and urged for a "jihad" against the pandemic.

"I want our youth to play their role in helping our fight against the COVID 19 by joining our Corona Tiger Force which will be organized to do jihad against the suffering caused by this pandemic," he tweeted Wednesday afternoon.

Khan's desperation is evident as the people of Pakistan, and even the media, are now criticizing the government for its failure to tackle the crisis.

Noted journalist Hamid Mir tweeted two videos, showing the speeches made by Imran Khan and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He said: "What Narendra Modi said and what Imran Khan interpreted" while referring to Khan's speech where he couldn't understand the reason for Modi apologizing to Indian public.

In the video, Khan is telling his countrymen the negative impact of lockdown and that Modi has apologized to the public for the same. However, India's PM, who apologized to daily wagers, had said that there was no option but to lockdown and prevent the country from Coronavirus.

(<a href="https://twitter.com/HamidMirPAK/status/1245023291053662218?s=19&amp;fbclid=IwAR2-k1UXUmS7CjKR7KKJHl4c0NAcLJFjZghnGHp2bKNL-X3pZr5_SbZ3INk" target="_blank" rel="noopener nofollow noreferrer" data-ft="{&quot;tn&quot;:&quot;-U&quot;}" data-lynx-mode="async" data-lynx-uri="https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2FHamidMirPAK%2Fstatus%2F1245023291053662218%3Fs%3D19%26fbclid%3DIwAR2-k1UXUmS7CjKR7KKJHl4c0NAcLJFjZghnGHp2bKNL-X3pZr5_SbZ3INk&amp;h=AT3p1Pj3GEFoNIczNuataixDqHoj5Lo9Xi_lJM5rEs6d85yl13aWF_ApPCrcbggS6Xdzs-P4T4u6tRm7Q1ZnCQ6inWycv0uRv8LcWnKS_9kCR6LsTzB5aLvChPTYYYdlTFHBYgwYZj8C3zLI3JVSy29iqjxNrRNkfBtniFw4FMw34_M3m_COYBiLWeNm5jKQnSwhF2q-in3ubVQU1XA3nFvESJ3OWMmlZyfZ1I888eTTdBncXYS9L3ugT3hPjh-pAWOBZ09s1-vlhXZlId-VIO9eQ2JhHH3h7ad5AE-kFBxwijmAEWa0xwWak1gZMBCqL3LkCrF74-AV9SrugIYBJk-LMG7eWSOevLg6Ynr96booBWuZHdVbqEfZz0TigUUEZUSvtAj9uwJ4ZhKbXaxstTGIuUIe-Pb5rQQATfOXv1dMazvxqRq-UYBZqctfKg5Ree87m0WiI0s-DzyJhMXEXo61_mIFAyW3o4zYQFUrDMiZIdcRbU1Mz_pWLOB-IFTcNgnjuHV20A1k3KQArWzSLBXw9_GQo2QcZLpMgjBWNPW0qvbW6Cbs1vjlkvin55hoaCv25XCHS_MF7p3h5JlVMBLE-WmLwsqD0fqiOLmxKo8VBrSWTu-S20J9KZstFHw">https://twitter.com/HamidMirPAK/status/1245023291053662218…</a>)

As the videos of the treatment being meted to the minorities in the major Pakistan cities continue to go viral, the news from PoK isn't encouraging either.

Several reports indicate that the government and Pakistan military are shifting coronavirus positive cases, majorly from minority communities, to PoK adjoining border with India..