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Chinese nationals attacked again in Pakistan

Chinese nationals attacked again in Pakistan

After two weeks of the Dasu attack which killed nine Chinese workers, two Chinese nationals were attacked in Karachi on Wednesday. According to the eyewitnesses , two Chinese  nationals were injured in an attack near Gulbai Bridge in Karachi in  Pakistan. Both of them have been shifted to  hospital.

The duo were being driven to Karachi's industrial area when they were attacked, police deputy inspector general Javed Akbar Riaz told the media.

"Two men wearing face masks riding a motorcycle carried out the shooting," Riaz told Reuters, adding that the men were travelling without a police escort. No one claimed responsibility for the attack.

But Baloch related social media accounts have said that “ the #Chinese being targeted again in #Pakistan by pro Uyghur outfits.”

But Reuters quoting the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian described the incident as "an isolated case".

"We have full confidence in the Pakistan side's protection of Chinese citizens and property in Pakistan," he told a regular news briefing.

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Last Saturday, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and ISI chief Lt General Faiz Hameed  were “summoned” by China about the security of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) where thousands of Chinese nationals were working on its projects. China is prodding Pakistan to  review security arrangements and put in place new measures to prevent Dasu like incidents in the future.

Pakistan has raised a special security division headed by a two-star general to provide fool proof security to CPEC projects and the Chinese nationals working on them.

After the Dasu incident, Pakistan assured China that similar security measures would be in place for all projects where Chinese companies and their nationals are involved.  Qureshi assured Chinese authorities that Pakistan would provide comprehensive security to their nationals working on CPEC and other projects.

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A joint statement issued after talks between Foreign Minister Qureshi and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi read that both sides vowed to expose the culprits behind the Kohistan bus attack and give them "exemplary punishment".

According to press release of Chinese foreign office, Chinese President told his premier to convey to the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan that  Pakistani agencies must “find out the truth, punish perpetrators and prevent similar incidents from happening again,” and Premier Li Keqiang duly conveyed this message to his counterpart Imran Khan.

It may be recalled that after the bus incident, the crucial Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC), the apex forum for CPEC, was cancelled by the Chinese.