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China-Nepal frictions rise after border pillars go missing in Nepal’s Daulkha district

China has once again encroached upon Nepalese territory (Photo: IANS)

China, once again appears to be applying its famed salami slicing tricks on its Himalayan friend, Nepal, by removing border pillars and encroaching into its southern neighbour's territory. In the latest incident, the Communist giant has removed the border pillars from Nepal's Daulkha district.

The controversy is generating friction between nationalists in Nepal and China.

According to website EU Reporter, the border pillars that demarcate the de facto boundary between Nepal and China have gone missing in village Vigu of district Daulkha. The matter was reported by the Nepalese Home Ministry to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The website says that the Sino-Nepal border was established by mutual agreement between the two nations in 1960. This led to the formation of the 1961 border treaty under which the pillars of demarcation were constructed. But now under President Xi Jinping, China is trying to change the status quo by usurping on Nepali territory.

Last year too China's land-grabbing tricks against Nepal made international headlines. In September, China had encroached upon Nepalese territory and constructed 11 buildings in the remote Humla district. When Nepal objected, China clearly denied taking over Nepalese land. Though Kathmandu tried to downplay it, people launched protests outside the Chinese embassy in Nepal, shouting slogans – "Stop Chinese Expansionism".

The EU Reporter says that the buildings had been constructed by China at the spot where a border pillar was found missing several years ago. Even the local rural municipality chair in Nepal reported that China was trying to stake control over the land. Efforts by Nepalese officials to negotiate with Chinese authorities were waived aside.

Nepal's Ministry of Agriculture says that China has illegally encroached on several bordering districts including Gorkha, Dolakha, Humla, Darchula, Sindhupalchowk, Rasuwa and Sankhuwasabha.

Currently battling the deadly coronavirus pandemic as well as the political turmoil, Nepal is not in a position to deal with the mechanisations of its expansionist northern neighbour.