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Britons lose confidence in UK's position: Poll

<p id="content">A new poll analyzing the UK's future relationship with the European Union (EU) has found that just 49 per cent of Britons believe that country is a force for good in the world, down 10 points since April 2019.</p>
The Ipsos MORI poll released also found that while 41 per cent of Britons say that the country punch above our weight in world affairs, 38 per cent believed that the UK should stop pretending it is an important power in the world.

Despite this, the public are still more likely to say that Britain should increase its influence around the world than reduce it (by 36 per cent to 16 per cent), while 35 per cent believe it should stay as it is.

According to four people out of 10, Europe still remains Britain's most important relationship.

But regarding the importance of maintaining a close relationship with the European Union (EU) despite Brexit, only 39 per cent of those surveyed think that was likely, down 13 points since April 2019, the poll showed.

The top priority for the country's relationship with the EU is striking a trade agreement with 40 per cent of people choosing it as one of their top priorities.

"With the Brexit negotiations reaching a peak as we approach the end of the transition period, optimism about a future close relationship with Europe has fallen, despite the widespread desire to achieve that close relationship," Kelly Beaver, Managing Director of Public Affairs at Ipsos MORI, said in a statement.

She said it was "clear that the public's primary concern is securing a trade deal with the EU and so many will be watching how this develops in the coming weeks".

Beaver added that despite growing concerns regarding Britain's role in the world, only a minority want to see us step back from the global stage"..