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Big blow to Khalistani terror as UK cracks the whip against extremism

India's External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar with UK's Security minister Tom Tugendhat in New Delhi. (X)

In what comes as another blow to Khalistani terror activities, UK’s Security minister Tom Tugendhat has announced a 95,000 pounds investment to enhance London’s understanding of the threat posed by pro-Khalistan separatism.

The announcement on the new funding comes amid growing concerns in India over increasing activities of pro-Khalistani elements in the UK. India has voiced its demand of strong action against Khalistani radicals including deportation for threatening officers of Indian High Commission.

Tugendhat is in India to bolster bilateral cooperation on security initiatives and attend the G20 anti-corruption ministerial meeting. He met External Affairs minister S Jaishankar to discuss India-UK relationships and is scheduled to meet National Security Advisor Ajit Doval. “It is always good to be back with friends. We have so much to discuss and so much work to do together”, Tugendhat tweeted.

“During a meeting with India’s External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar, in New Delhi on Thursday, Tugendhat announced the new funding to enhance the UK’s capability to tackle Pro-Khalistan Extremism,” the high commission said.

It said the 95,000 pound investment will enhance the government’s understanding of the threat posed by “pro-Khalistan extremism”, complementing the joint work already underway between the UK and India through the joint-extremism task force.

“Good to meet UK minister of state Tom Tugendhat this afternoon. Discussed how India and the United Kingdom could make their partners more contemporary and productive. The current global scenario offers many opportunities to develop our ties”, Jaishankar said after the meeting.

“The living bridge between India and the UK reflects our deep and enduring friendship. As the world’s oldest and largest democracies, we have many shared opportunities to make the world a safer and more prosperous place,” Tugendhat said, adding that “A deeper partnership between our two nations means we can more effectively tackle the security threats we both face. I’m committed to working together to enhance our understanding of and capabilities against extremism –whatever form it takes”.
“Corruption also harms our prosperity, damages our society and threatens our national security. I am delighted to be attending the G20 anti-corruption ministerial meeting, presided over by India, to continue strengthening global resilience and cracking down on its corrosive influence,” he said.
Before travelling to Kolkata for the G20 meeting, which will take place on Saturday, Tugendhat is scheduled to visit the headquarters of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to discuss joint challenges posed by child sexual exploitation and abuse, as well as fraud.