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Beijing markets, Hebei report new Covid-19 outbreak

Beijing markets, Hebei report new Covid-19 outbreak

After having announced repeatedly to the world that the coronavirus pandemic has been contained in the country, China continues to grapple with sporadic Covid-19 outbreaks. Health authorities reported 49 new confirmed Covid-19 cases, most of which came from Beijing and three from Hebei Province.

The Chinese capital city locked down a number of neighborhoods after the infection is reported to have spread from two different markets. Beijing also closed schools and residential areas after the cases were reported last week.

Authorities have initiated mass testing of people who work at the two markets and who are in the vicinity. Many Chinese cities have warned their residents to not travel to Beijing due to the fresh outbreaks.

By Sunday, confirmed cases in China touched 83,181, including 177 patients, who were still being treated, with two in a severe condition. Chinese authorities say that 78,370 people have been discharged after recovery and 4,634 people had died of the disease.

The coronavirus infection had first emerged in Wuhan sometime last year and then spread across the world. China has been accused by many nations of not sharing correct information about the origins of the virus and how the authorities battled it out in the beginning.

China is in the eye of a global storm also because it has been accused of manipulating the World Health Organization (WHO) which has been found to be often issuing misleading statements to the world..