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Baffled Khalistani radicals now deface Bhagavad Gita Park, target PM Modi this time

Defacement by Khalistani radicals which was later removed in Brampton City, Canada (Photo : Twitter)

Frustrated with the massive failure of their protest rallies across the world in July, the Khalistani radicals continue with their defacement tactics. In the latest incident, signage at the Shri Bhagavad Gita Park in the city of Brampton in the Greater Toronto Area or GTA was vandalised and spray painted with graffiti attacking Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The city civic workers quickly removed it and restored the signage and the matter was referred to Peel Regional Police.

Canada over the past few months has been witnessing similar defacement and vandalisation episodes in Hindu temples or Indian leader statues.

The local administration on its official twitter handle stated “deeply disappointed to learn of the recent act of vandalism targeting a park sign, which is an attack on a faith community. At the City of Brampton, we stand united against such acts of intolerance and discrimination. We proudly uphold our values of diversity, inclusivity, and respect for all and these acts of hate will not be tolerated”. Brampton’s Mayor Patrick Brown issued a statement saying he was “outraged” with this vandalism and the city had “zero tolerance” towards “intimidation of any faith community.”

The Shri Bhagavad Gita Park came into existence recently, after the 3.7 acre Troyers Park was renamed in September last year. The city has plans for sculptures in the park including one featuring Lord Krishna and Arjuna in their chariot. The park is being seen as a symbol of increasing Indian influence across the globe.

It may be noted that there have been at least six such defacement incidents in the last one year and Canadian authorities have failed to take any concrete deterrent action for which the community has called it out for.

The temples have refused to take it any longer and Bharat Mata Mandir, a prominent temple in Canada’s Greater Toronto Area has written to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. The temple authorities have expressed concern over increase in Hinduphobic and anti-India activities including defacement by pro-Khalistan elements. The temple was targeted on July 07 by placing of an objectionable poster targeting Indian diplomats in Canada.

“We are troubled by the alarming increase in hatred and the apparent lack of action by Canadian authorities to address this issue at its roots before it spirals out of control,” read the letter shot to Trudeau by Jeff Lal, president of the Bharat Mata Mandir in Brampton. It urged the prime minister to “to take immediate and necessary steps to address this issue.”

Lal said that he felt the temple was being repeatedly targeted because of its name. He said that the letter has been circulated to all Canadian MPs and as well as members of the Ontario legislature. Meanwhile, inspired by anti Khalistani protests in Canada, members of the Indian diaspora staged a similar rally near the Indian consulate in San Francisco. The Khalistani radicals had torched the building recently and shared the video on social media. The people waved tricolour and raised anti Khalistan slogans.

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