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At Jeddah conference NSA Doval opposes partisan approach, says Ukraine conflict can end with solution acceptable to all sides

NSA Doval spoke at the Jeddah peace conference on Ukraine-Russia conflict

Without taking a partisan position, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval has urged the world community to find a solution to end the Ukraine-Russia conflict that is acceptable to all stakeholders.

India Narrative has learnt that during his address at the Jeddah conference on the conflict NSA Doval pointed out that despite several peace proposals, which had many positive points, none of them was acceptable to all sides. He therefore nudged participants to find a solution that is acceptable to all relevant stakeholders, implying that a partisan approach will not be work.

Doval also spotlighted India core approach to ending the conflict—finding a solution only based on dialogue based on respect for the principle of sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Pointing to the urgency of ending the conflict, Doval said that the whole world and especially Global South has borne the brunt of the situation. India is providing both humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and economic assistance to its neighbours in Global South.

He added that the  meeting confronted a two-fold challenge – resolution of the situation and softening the consequences of the conflict. He stressed that efforts must be directed on both fronts simultaneously and much more groundwork is needed to ensure this.

Thes remarks assume importance as grain deal to send food to the Global South has collapsed, raising the spectre of huger in many poor countries.

Pledging India’s support, NSA Doval stressed that New Delhi will remain an active and willing partner to find a last and  comprehensive solution to the crisis.

Though Russia did not participate in the conference, 40 countries including the United States and China were present at the event.

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