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Afghanistan wins seat at UN Commission on Women

Afghanistan wins seat at UN Commission on Women

Afghanistan has won a seat at the UN Commission on Status of Women (CSW) for the first time. Adela Raz, Afghanistan’s Permanent Representative made the announcement.

"AFG winning with the highest votes in the competitive CSW election today, represents a victory for the process started 19 years ago when, along with our international partners, we committed to the empowerment of our women. This is of a critical importance during our Peace Talks to demonstrate the new Afghanistan," she said in a tweet on Tuesday.

India, Afghanistan and China were among the main contenders for the seat.

Even as India and Afghanistan won the ballot among the 54 members, China could not cross the halfway mark.

The CSW is instrumental in promoting women's rights, documenting the reality of women's lives throughout the world, and shaping global standards on gender equality and the empowerment of women..