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Afghanistan fulfils almost 90% of pledges to int'l donors

Afghanistan fulfils almost 90% of pledges to int'l donors

<p id="content">The Afghanistan government has fulfilled "almost 90 per cent" of its commitments made to international partners in order to secure continued assistance, Acting Finance Minister Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal said.

In a statement on Saturday, Arghandiwal said the government was confident that it will convince the international community in the upcoming Geneva Conference on Afghanistan to continue its assistance, reports TOLO News.

"We will go to the conference with accomplishments and we will convince members of the conference to continue supporting Afghanistan, in view of the current circumstances," said Arghandiwal.

But members of Parliament and the private sector have said that the government has not managed to act upon its stated policies in terms of facilitating investments, reducing corruption and increasing national revenues.

"The Afghan government failed to take advantage of the assistance over the past several years, it also failed to fulfill the commitments it made to the international community," said Sakhi Ahmad Paiman, deputy head of the Chamber of Commerce of Afghanistan.

The Kabul government, Finland and the UN are co-hosting the 2020 Afghanistan Conference on November 23-24 in Geneva.

The 2020 Afghanistan Conference is a milestone event in Afghanistan's journey to peace, prosperity and self-reliance.

The aim of the conference is to renew international and Afghan commitments to the development and stability of Afghanistan, to agree to joint development goals for 2021-24 and to coordinate development cooperation regarding financial support for Afghanistan.