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Afghan-Taliban contact groups in Doha resume talks

Afghan-Taliban contact groups in Doha resume talks

<p id="content">The contact groups comprising Taliban and Afghan government delegates have resumed their talks after three days of delays.</p>
On Sunday evening, the groups, which were formed by the two sides on the opening day of the intra-Afghan talks here on September 12, held meetings for several hours but did not manage to agree on two important points in the procedural rules, TOLO News quoted a member of the government team as saying on Monday.

"We are holding discussions to move the talks forward. What we need is to decide on the two basic points, which are a collection of the values that makes the framework of today's Afghanistan and future Afghanistan, which are quite important in terms of identity," another member was quoted as saying.

Negotiators have however, said that no one can predict when these disagreements will come to an end.

Meanwhile, the Taliban has insisted that without recognizing the February 29 deal it signed with the US as a main foundation of the peace process in Afghanistan, the continuation of the talks will have "no meaning".

The contact groups have held five meetings so far to discuss rules and regulations as well as the agenda of the negotiations, reports TOLO News.

The regulations for the talks initially had 23 articles and were later reduced to 20 which might still change in due course of time..