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Afghan army chief comes calling to India amid raging civil war

Afghan army chief comes calling to India amid raging civil war

Amid  fierce battles between the government armed forces and Taliban, Afghanistan Army Chief will visit India for two days next week to interact with top security officials, including the Indian Army Chief General M.M. Naravane and the National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval.

General Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai is reaching India on a three day visit starting July 27 reports ANI.

His visit to India is of  significance as the Taliban is gaining control over the vast territories of Afghanistan in the wake of the US and the NATO forces withdrawing from the country.

Afghanistan has been reaching out to its key allies to seek support to strengthen its security forces.  General Ahmedzai may therefore ask for supplies of military hardware from India to enhance the combat capability of his forces.

ANI Link:  Afghanistan Army chief Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai to visit India next week

Only last month, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani replaced his defence and interior ministers and the army chief of staff amid rising casualties among Afghanistan’s security forces in escalating  fighting with the Taliban.

In the midst of war, Bismillah Khan Mohammadi was appointed caretaker defence minister, replacing Asadullah Khalid, who had recently returned to the country after a prolonged illness. Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal was picked as new interior minister replacing Hayatullah Hayat.

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A senior commander under late anti-Soviet resistance hero Ahmad Shah Massoud, Mohammadi has had a long military career and served as interior minister, defence minister and army chief of staff in the government of former president Hamid Karzai.

General Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai was appointed as the new chief of army staff, replacing General Yasin Zia.

In 2018, General Ahmadzai  was posted as commander of the 215th Maiwand Corps in Helmand and his main task was to destroy Taliban’s narcotic business and network in the province.

Last year, he had highlighted that  the Taliban has changed its tactics, such as bringing in material from outside the country, some of which could be used for  mines and projectiles.

After taking the charge of the Afghan army,  Gen. Ahmadzai  told the Tolo news that efforts will be made to mobilize the Afghan military to retake areas fallen to the Taliban.

“There is no respect for anything. The enemy is trying to conduct a trade war against us and create economic issues. They want to close the border towns through which wheat is imported for the people. They will never succeed. The Afghan people are vigilant and smart and know what this war is about,” Ahmadzai said.

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According to General Ahmadzai, recruits of Pakistani army, terrorist organisations including  Tehreek e Taliban(TTP) are fighting the Afghan forces among the Taliban ranks.

“We want peace, and everyone wants peace in the country. We want peace with dignity,” said the general. But he warned: “If the Taliban do not keep their commitments, the Afghan forces are ready to respond to the Taliban attacks as we did in the past.”