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Why Sheikh Hasina Should Win Bangladesh’s Upcoming Election

India Narrative recently organized a Twitter Space on Bangladesh Election. Eminent speakers like Syed Badrul Ahsan, Bangladeshi author and politics expert, Saleem Samad, Dhaka-based journalist, Shantanu Mukharji, Bangladesh Expert & former IPS, among others, took part in the discussion. The subject for the discussion was the “importance of Sheikh Hasina’s government in shaping Bangladesh’s future and preserving the idea of Sonar Bangla”. During the discussion, Syed Badrul Ahsan highlighted how Bangladesh will move away from the list of least-developed countries to the Middle-income countries by 2026, and all this is possible due to the development strategies set under the leadership of the Sheikh Hasina government. Saleem Samad exposed the role of Pakistan as how the country is providing training to militant outfits to bring mayhem to Bangladesh. Continue watching to know more about what is happening in Bangladesh.