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Podcast | Is Balochistan Heading For Independence?

Do you know Balochistan was once an independent state? We all know India got independence from British occupation in 1947 and a separate country Pakistan was created based on religion. When Pakistan was created Balochistan was not part of it but later Muhammad Ali Jinnah trapped and occupied it on the pretext of making an independent country. Balochistan is rich in resources and a huge amount of minerals are found here but despite this, the conditions of Baloch people living here are pathetic. Since Pakistan occupied Balochistan it has been practising human rights violations against innocent people in the form of crimes like enforced disappearances, murders, and rape of women, among others.

In this podcast moderated by India Narrative (IN) Editor Rahul Kumar, and co-moderated by IN Editor-in-Chief Atul Aneja, they have spoken to some prominent Baloch personalities who are fighting for Balochistan freedom like the BNM chairman Dr Naseem Baluch, and other Baloch activists like Bahot Baluch, Hani Baluch, and Nadir Baloch among others. They have also talked to some experts on this subject, like Mark Kinra and Manish Rai. We think if you aspire to know and understand that what is the situation in Balochistan right now, you must listen to this podcast.