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Watch: Tim Cook amazed as man shows up with Apple’s 33-yr-old Macintosh computer at Mumbai store launch

Screengrab from the video

CEO Tim Cook was quite overwhelmed on Tuesday during the opening of Apple’s first India store at Mumbai when one of the US tech giant’s loyalist customers arrived at the function with a 33-year-old Macintosh Classic computer.

A video that has gone viral shows Cook looking amazed at the sight of the old product and then embracing the man who had brought it along.

Calling himself a diehard fan of Apple products, the customer said he has stuck with the brand ever since the Apple computer was founded by Steve Jobs.

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the first Macintosh at Apple’s annual shareholder’s meeting in Cupertino, California in 1984.

Taking to Twitter, Cook posted a picture from the grand store opening and captioned it, “The energy, creativity, and passion in Mumbai is incredible! We are so excited to open Apple BKC — our first store in India.”

Loud cheers rent the air as the Apple CEO opened the doors to the company’s first India store. Cook himself welcomed the first customers to the store and posed for selfies as the company seeks to strike a deeper connection in the fast-growing Indian market.

His visit comes at a time when Apple is eyeing India’s vast market potential and looking for an alternative manufacturing base outside China.

Tim Cook will also meet India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and its deputy IT minister during his current visit.

The Narendra Modi government has given a big push to electronics manufacturing in the country and offered billions of dollars in productivity-linked incentives to attract Apple’s manufacturing partners like Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron Corp.