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Watch: Robot Chef cooking perfect vegetable dish

Screengrab from the video

In another interesting dimension to the man vs machine debate, a video that has gone viral shows a robotic chef cooking a vegetable dish over a gas stove with consummate skill.

The dish culminates in a “flambe” a recipe that originated in France which involves the artful technique of dousing a dish in liquor, lighting a match and setting it aflame. The alcohol burns off, leaving behind a slight singe, a touch of flavour and a a masterly culinary performance.

The clip was posted on Twitter by a woman named Figen (@TheFigen_) on June 26 and it has got over 5.8 million views. The video has sparked a debate on whether robotic machines are actually taking over. It has also raised the sensitive issue over the human touch which takes the taste into account and whether machines can really do that.

“Just want to point out that there’s no point in spinning it that many times. You only need to spin a couple times to get the smoky flavour from the fire,” was the comment from a user who appears to be an expert cook.