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Telangana police ties up with IIT-K to fight cyber crime

Representational image. With rapid rise in cyber crime, Telangana Police has taken help of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur to fight culprits

With varied cyber crimes rising at a rapid rate, the police authorities have started looking for new technology and means, including artificial intelligence to fight them. Taking a step in this direction is the Telangana Police which has tied up with Indian Institute of Kanpur.

The police in this southern State will use a cybercrime investigation tool developed by the C3iHub at IIT-K. Though the aid is yet to be christened, it plays the role of a virtual investigation and helps and guides the police in their probe of crimes pertaining to the cyber world.

Sharing details on how it works, Prof. Manindra Agarwal, Programme Director who heads the C3iHub said, the tool based on the information provided by the cops, will instruct them on the type of information they need and should work on to find the criminals. Further, it will also inform the police about the earlier cases that are similar or have almost the same modus operandi.

Agarwal added that the system has the capability of listing out the names of those detained in such offences and the locations in which they operate.

Apart from this, the tool automatically classifies the type of crime such as phishing, vishing, investment frauds and loan app fraud.

These features will help the law-enforcers to build a solid case against the culprits.

Talking to media, Prof. Manindra Agarwal, Programme Director who heads the C3iHub said the AI backed tools which have been developed for Telangana Police will serve as a step-by-step guide from them from commission to conviction. The State police he said was ready in terms of infrastructure and trained manpower for implementing this system.

He added after running the system for a few months in Telangana and getting their feedback, the tool will be provided to police in other States.