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Telangana Govt’s T-Fiber set to roll out high-speed Internet

Telangana Government's T-Fiber will soon provide internet services to rural areas of the State giving a boost to employment and connectivity (Pic. Courtesy tfiber.telangana.gov.in)

With a view to achieve Digital Telangana, the State Government will soon be competing with others including private operators to provide quality broadband Internet. This will be possible as the State Government owned entity Telangana Fiber Grid Corporation Ltd is ready to roll out its T-Fiber in a few months.

The objective of T-Fiber is to connect every household, government institution and private enterprise which are located in the rural region of the State through optical fibre allowing them access to high-speed internet connectivity.

Sharing details about this, Sujai Karampuri, Managing Director of T-Fiber told media that till now a network of 8,000 villages has been covered in the State. He added that commercial launch of the services is on the anvil and it will be affordable and far less expensive as compared to others.

Already end-to-end service ready connections has been achieved in 12 districts and by the June end four more districts will be covered.

T-Fiber was established by the State Government a few years ago with the objective of providing fibre connectivity to 47 lakh households and one lakh public and private enterprises, offices and institutions in Telangana. With this aim the end-to-end network was to be deployed across 10 zones including 33 districts, 8,778 gram panchayats and 10,128 villages.

As per the website of the T-Fiber, it will “leverage the infrastructure, such as RoW, trenching and ducting created under the prestigious Mission Bhagiratha.” The optical fibre cables are being deployed along water pipeline routes which have been already mapped for the entire State.

The website adds that “the network shall be capable of delivering 4-100 mbps to households and on-demand 20-100 mbps to institutions and enterprises.”

The creation of a robust IT network will provide a strong boost to multiple economic activities including creation of employment for the youth, development of opportunities for IT export, increase in productivity through use of automation etc. It will also allow people to use increasing Government services which are going digital in a hassle-free and seamless manner.