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Microsoft’s ‘Paint Cocreator’ lets you create artwork by describing few words

Microsoft has started to roll out a new update to its Paint app called Paint Cocreator (Pic. Courtesy IANS)

Microsoft has started to roll out a new update to its Paint app called Paint Cocreator, a new AI-powered experience powered by DALL-E which will help you create artwork in Paint by describing in a few words what you want to create.

The company rolled out the update to Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev Channels.

The users will need to optionally select an art style and then click Create. Paint Cocreator will generate three variations of artwork for them to choose from. Select any of them to add to the canvas to start creating.

“We will be rolling out access slowly at first, so when you get the update, you must first join the waitlist by signing in with your Microsoft account and clicking on the new Cocreator button in the toolbar. You will get an email notification when you are in the preview, and we will give you 50 credits to get started. Each credit lets you generate a new set of images,” Microsoft said in a blogpost.

Paint Cocreator is available in preview to users in English in the following regions, which include the US, France, the UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, and Germany.

Earlier this month, Microsoft rolled out a new “background removal” tool in its Paint app on Windows 11 Insider builds.

With this tool, users will be able to remove the background from any picture with the click of a button.

To use the new tool, users will need to paste or import content onto the canvas and then, in the toolbar, click the new remove background button to remove the background from your entire image.