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Japan achieves fastest Internet speed with 319TB per second

AI-- what's in store?

Creating a great record that set the digital world abuzz, Japan has reportedly achieved the milestone in terms of Internet speed. The Land Of Rising Sun set a new world record for the fastest Internet speed.

The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology researchers set this record by achieving a transmission demonstration data rate of 319 Terabytes per second.

What was achieved by the Japanese researchers is nearly twice that of the earlier record. In the past, the fastest recorded internet speed which was 178 Tbps was achieved by the University College of London researchers.

Going beyond breaking the speed record, the Japanese researchers also produced 957 petabits per second x kilometre, thereby marking another world record in the optical fibre.

These figures may not impress or make much sense to lay persons. In terms of download, with this kind of internet speed one can download 57,000 full-length movies in a second! Or to give another example, the entire Spotify library can be yours in under three seconds!

Interestingly, according to a report, in order to achieve this incredible speed, researchers used the existing optical fibre infrastructure. Thus this method can be integrated into fibre optic infrastructure with minimum effort.

Let us take a look at the varied speeds that have been achieved around the globe. Last year’s report states that the highest mobile broadband recorded speed was around 100 Mbps. The Internet speed of 210.73 Mbps was reported by Hong Kong while Romania had 194.47 Mbps.

In the case of India, the fixed broadband clicked an Internet speed of 38.19 Mbps while in case of mobile broadband it was 12.6 Mbps.