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In a first, US authorities give legal nod to flying car

US authorities have given legal approval to the flying car manufactured by Alef Aeronautics (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@iw_toshiki)

The US authorities have given legal approval to the flying car manufactured by Alef Aeronautics, in a first for a vehicle of this kind to be allowed to fly.

The car being developed for both roadways as well as vertical takeoff and landing capabilities is now one step closer to becoming a reality after receiving a special approval from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, Fox News reported.

The car which costs around $300,000 is expected to be delivered to customers in 2025. In January, the company said that over 440 of its vehicles had been pre-ordered “from both individuals and corporate consumers.”

Alef Aeronautics, a startup based in San Mateo, California, has been developing the Model A flying car, which is 100% electric and will carry one or two occupants. Elon Musk’s Tesla is also an investor in the company.

The company envisions the car will save individuals time during commutes with the ability to fly over traffic jams and accidents on roads.

Alef has announced that its flying car has received a Special Airworthiness Certification from the FAA, which is issued to pilots to fly an aircraft for pleasure and personal use only and forbids transporting people or property for hire, according to the aviation law firm Aero Law Center.

“The FAA is actively working on its policies for electrical vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles, as well as governing interactions between eVTOLs and ground infrastructure,” Alef Aeronautics said in a statement.