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Facebook Will Use AI To Predict If COVID-19 Patients Need Better Healthcare

Facebook will use AI for healthcare

The global tech giant Facebook has entered the domain of medical diagnostics, leveraging the tools of Artificial Intelligence for predicting  the treate ent protocol for  Covid-19 patients.

In a detailed blog post,Facebook spotlighted three  models for visualising treatment based on medical information. The  first model is based on a single chest X-ray,  and the other depends on a series of X-rays, to predict whether  the condition of  a patient infected by COVID-19 is likely to worsen. A third model can predict how much extra oxygen a patient of a covid-19 would require during the treatment.

“These predictions could help doctors avoid sending at-risk patients home too soon, and help hospitals better predict demand for supplemental oxygen and other limited resources,” read a statement by Facebook employees in the blog post.

The models, based on research carried out by Facebook AI researchers Anuroop Sriram, Matthew Muckley, Koustuv Sinha, and Nafissa Yakubova, have been published as open-source materials to assist the global healthcare community amid the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19.

In order to find out how to make predictions, the AI system was fed into two datasets of non-Covid affected person's chest X-rays and a dataset of 26,838 chest X-rays from 4,914 COVID 19 sufferers.

The researchers pointed out that  they used an AI method referred to as “momentum contrast” to prepare a neural community to extract data from chest X-ray pictures. A neural community is a computing system vaguely impressed by the human mind that may spot patterns and acknowledge relationships between huge quantities of knowledge.

Facebook is publishing a research conducted by its AI unit that will help healthcare providers predict in advance how much intensive care a COVID-19 patient needs and provid resources accordingly.

Recently  On a detailed blog post Facebook stated that 2 models have been developed. One is based on a single chest X-ray and the other is a series of X-rays that could predict if a patient infected by COVID-19 is likely to worsen. A third model can predict how much extra oxygen a patient of a covid-19 may need.

The research, which can help produce predictions based on chest X-rays, has been done in collaboration with NYU Langone Health's Predictive Analytics Unit and the Department of Radiology.