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Elon Musk announces free premium features for X Accounts with over 2500 verified subscribers

Elon Musk (File Photo)

Elon Musk, the owner of X, (formerly Twitter), took to the platform and declared that accounts with over 2500 verified subscribers would receive Premium features for free, while those with over 5000 followers would be entitled to Premium+ features at no cost, on Thursday.

The announcement, made via Musk’s official X account, signifies a shift in the platform’s strategy towards rewarding high-engagement users and fostering a more vibrant creator ecosystem.

Elon musk posted on X, “Going forward, all X accounts with over 2500 verified subscriber followers will get Premium features for free and accounts with over 5000 will get Premium+ for free.”

X has an extensive range of premium features available to subscribers across its Premium and Premium+ tiers.

These features aim to empower creators, influencers, and users alike with tools for content creation, monetization, and enhanced interaction.

The Premium tier offers functionalities such as the Edit Post feature, enabling users to make limited changes to published content within a one-hour window.

Additionally, subscribers can exceed the traditional character limit, posting up to 25,000 characters for more detailed and comprehensive content sharing.

Moreover, Premium members can upload longer videos, extending up to approximately three hours in duration and 8GB in file size, enhancing the capacity for multimedia storytelling.

Furthermore, Premium subscribers have the privilege to create communities on X, facilitating connections with like-minded individuals sharing similar interests.

For users opting for the Premium+ tier, exclusive benefits include the coveted Blue Checkmark Verification, signifying authenticity and credibility upon meeting eligibility criteria.

Premium+ subscribers are also eligible to receive a share of revenue generated from verified accounts’ organic impressions of ads displayed in replies to their content, through the Ads Revenue Sharing feature.

Moreover, Premium+ users can monetize their content by offering subscription-based access to their exclusive content, enabling them to earn a living on the platform.

The Premium and Premium+ tiers also offer an enhanced ad-free experience, with reduced or no ads in their “For You” and “Following” timelines, fostering uninterrupted content consumption and user experience.

Additionally, verified accounts can engage with posts limited to replies from verified accounts only, fostering meaningful interactions within the verified community.

Furthermore, Premium and Premium+ subscribers have the option to hide their verification checkmark for greater privacy and control over their online presence.

To bolster security and authenticity, Premium and Premium+ users can verify their accounts with a government-issued ID, adding an additional layer of protection.

Premium subscribers also gain access to Media Studio, allowing them to manage their uploaded images and videos effectively.

Furthermore, Premium+ subscribers unlock access to X Pro, offering advanced features such as multiple configurable timelines, advanced search, and contributor management.

Premium+ subscribers can publish long-form written content through the Articles feature, enabling them to share in-depth stories and insights with their audience.