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Bharti Airtel to roll out 5G telecom services this month

Airtel will commence roll out of 5G services in August.

Bharti Airtel on Wednesday announced that it has signed agreements with equipment makers Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung to roll out its 5G telecom services this month.

Gopal Vittal, CEO of Airtel, said, "We are delighted to announce that Airtel will commence roll out of 5G services in August." Mr Vittal said the network agreements are finalised and Airtel will work with the best technology partners from across the world to deliver the full benefits of 5G connectivity to its consumers.

Choice of multiple partners would enable Airtel to roll out 5G services spanning ultra-high-speeds, low latency and large data handling capabilities, the company said.

Bharti Airtel has acquired 5G spectrum worth Rs 43,084 crore in the just-concluded auction, said it is well-positioned to usher in the 5G revolution in India.

"India's transition into a digital economy will be led by telecom and 5G presents a game-changing opportunity to drive the digital transformation of industries, enterprises and the socio-economic development of India," Mr Vittal said.