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All-women team runs assembly line at Ashok Leyland’s new factory in Hosur

A team of 80 women at Ashok Leyland's new assembly line is putting together 320 engines of light commercial vehicle per day

It is like any other assembly line floor of an automobile factory yet there is a remarkable difference. This new unit of the multinational giant auto company, Ashok Leyland in Hosur, Tamil Nadu is first-of-its-kind all-women line in the industry and is completely run by an 80-member team.

They put together the company’s light commercial vehicles like Dost and Bada Dost. This new P15 Engine Module for assembling and testing is part of H1 Unit and has the capacity to assemble 62,000 engines per year.

Operating in two shifts it is expected to take care of the growing demand for LCV vehicles. The unit is considered crucial for the company’s growth in LCV business and manufacturing of alternative fuel-based vehicles, including electric light commercial vehicles.

One engine can be assembled on this fully automated line in 180 seconds and it has the capacity to assemble 20 engines per hour and 320 engines per day.

Women employees are very comfortable working in the unit as in the old system the height of the conveyors was taller as it was made according to the average height of men, making it difficult for them to access them. Besides, interacting with women supervisors at this unit makes it much easier for the employees as they can share their problems and suggestions openly without any hesitation.

Another facility of the company in Pant Nagar has trained more than 700 women executives in the last 12 years as part of the company’s commitment to gender diversity, informed Ganesh Mani, president and chief of operations of Ashok Leyland.