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Watch: Experts view on what it takes to ensure India’s space security– Part II

Simulated Crew Module Structure Assembly for the Gaganyaan project (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@isro)

In the previous episode of this two-part video series, Interstellar had interviewed India’s leading strategic thinkers. In this episode, they cast a wider net. They have interviewed a lawyer, financier, space mission academician, academic-turned-entrepreneur, army veteran, and a seasoned diplomat – all contributing immensely to the holistic thought necessary to evolve the Indian space program.

This coverage looks issues including who are the stakeholders in the Indian space program? Scientists? Technologists? Entrepreneurs? Government? Or is the stakeholder list much more comprehensive? To answer these questions, Interstellar brings an exclusive report produced from its special coverage of the DEFSAT 2023 Conference & Expo organised by Satcom Industry Association – India in cooperation with the Centre for Joint Warfare Studies, Centre for Air Power Studies, and Centre for Land Warfare Studies.

(Video and text courtesy Interstellar)