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Watch: Experts view on what it takes to ensure India’s space security – Part I

The Indian space exploration is led by Government agency Indian Space Research Organisation

There are several issues involved in space security. Interstellar.news provides a comprehensive video coverage of the whole topic while covering the DEFSAT 2023 Conference & Expo.

The first part of the video closely looks at many aspects. Why is a strong space security apparatus needed for a strong space economy? What issues must be addressed for India to establish a space defence force? Who would finance the R&D of dual-use technologies? How is the Indian military ensuring preparedness for space security? And what was special about the table-top simulation that the Indian private space sector participated in with the Indian military?

Interstellar brings all this and more exclusively from its coverage of the DEFSAT 2023 Conference & Expo organised by Satcom Industry Association – India in cooperation with the Centre for Joint Warfare Studies, Centre for Air Power Studies, and Centre for Land Warfare Studies.

During the coverage, Interstellar has interviewed some of India’s leading strategic thinkers and their thought on congregating the Indian space industry and the Indian defence forces under one roof – the inspiring Manekshaw Centre in New Delhi.

NOTE: Interstellar News sincerely apologizes for the oversight in displaying Lt. Gen PJS Pannu’s name incorrectly in the first part of our series on Defsat. We deeply regret any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.

(Video and text courtesy Interstellar)