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Pune’s Chakan town panics as leopard roams on streets

The male leopard which created panic in the quiet town was rescued after a three-hour operation

Residents of the quiet town of Chakan located in Maharashtra’s Pune district were in a state of panic as a leopard was found wandering in the streets. Fortunately, before the situation became dangerous, a team of Maharashtra Forest Department and Wildlife SOS officials rescued the animal after a three-hour-long operation.

The big cat which was spotted on the streets eventually took shelter in a narrow passageway in the densely populated part of the town. The residents who were struck with fear immediately informed the authorities who in turn roped in Wildlife SOS.

Leopard in Chakan2
Following its rescue, the leopard has been kept under observation and will be released when found fit

A four-member team from the NGO immediately reached the site and along with forest department and police officials cleared the crowd numbering 5,000 people who had gathered at the spot. Once the crowd was under control, the NGO team started working on how to rescue the leopard which was stranded in a narrow passage bordered by a brick wall.

With extreme caution, the Wildlife SOS veterinarian tranquilised the big cat from a safe distance. The male leopard, who is approximately 6 years old, is currently under the NGO’s observation and will be released back into the wild once deemed fit.

Assuring people of their safety, Yogesh Mahajan, Range Forest Officer, Chakan told the media: “To remain vigilant about such possible rescue situations, our team has been carrying out regular patrolling in the Chakan range.”