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Picture of a baby with thick hair makes the social media go spinning!

The three-month-old baby Jaxon-James Ayers born with luscious locks

Mere three months old, a newborn baby has taken cyberspace by storm as he awes one and all with a beautiful thick mat of hair. Attaining fame in a short span, the boy, Jaxon-James Ayers was born eight weeks premature with luscious locks and lives with his mother Shannon Ayres in Northern Ireland.

The hair continued to grow fast on Jaxon-James head and body too.

His mother, like any other, is proud to show him off but was quite amazed at the reaction she received when she shared his pictures on social media.

Rare condition diagnosed

After being born, shortly the boy was diagnosed with a rare congenital condition called hyperinsulinism. This condition affects one in 50,000 new born babies.

In order to check this condition, it is necessary to keep his sugar levels in a healthy state, and he must have regular feeds and Diazoxide as medication.

The side effect of this condition is hair growth withJaxon-James having much more hair on his head as compared to an average baby boy.

Ayres said: “Jaxon-James was born eight weeks premature, so we were very surprised that he had so much hair.” Explaining hyperinsulinism, she added: “Hyperinsulinism affects about one in 50,000 babies. His pancreas produces too much insulin which causes his sugar levels to be extremely low and to keep his sugar levels up he has regular feeds and a medication called Diazoxide. The side effect to Diazoxide is hair growth, which is why the hair has grown really quickly. He has hair on his arms and legs as well.”

Reaction to the thick hair

Most people are amazed on seeing the boy’s hair. Some even make fun about it. Ayres said: "Some people joke that he will be ready for a haircut soon.”

Like any other proud mother, she too shared her son’s pictures on social media after he was born. "I feel like any other parent that has just had a newborn, I feel proud and wanted to show him off to the world. I really didn’t expect for any of my content to go viral, but people were so surprised by his hair.”

There is a flip side too. Ayres disclosed that “Like anything on social media you have to expect the bad with the good. I sometimes get accused of drawing on his eyebrows and using a filter for his hair. I honestly found this funny. But overall the reactions have been lovely."


According to diabetes.co.uk hyperinsulinemia is often associated with type 2 diabetes, but isn't diabetes as such. It means that the amount of insulin in the blood is higher than considered normal amongst people without diabetes.

The website explained that "When a person has hyperinsulinemia they have a problem controlling blood sugar, meaning that the pancreas has to secrete larger amounts of insulin to keep blood sugar at a normal level.”

The symptoms in this condition include weight gain; cravings for sugar; Intense hunger; feeling frequently hungry; difficulty in concentrating; feeling anxious or panicky; lacking focus or motivation; and fatigue.

The diabetes medication may help to relieve the symptoms of hyperinsulinemia, its root cause can be targeted and treated by diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes.