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Passersby rescue baby monkey stuck in barbed wire

The baby monkey stuck in barbed wire was struggling before it was rescued by Delhi Fire Service and Wildlife SOS

A joint operation mounted by Delhi Fire Service and non-governmental organisation, Wildlife SOS, saw a baby monkey (Rhesus macaque) being rescued from a painful situation.

On Friday, passers- by in Mithapur area in the Capital saw a baby monkey in a spot as it had got entangled in a wire fence erected on a boundary wall of a building. Seeing its plight as it was struggling and was liable to get injured, one onlooker informed the NGO’s 24-hour emergency rescue helpline (9871963535).

The Rapid Response Unit of the NGO reached the location at once and found the personnel of the DFS also present there. In order to reach the monkey the Wildlife SOS rescuer climbed the mechanised ladder mounted on the firefighting truck of DFS and reached the barbed wire.

Exercising extreme caution to ensure the monkey was not harmed, the rescuer disentangled the creature from the wire.

On inspection of the baby, it was found to be healthy and without any injuries. The rescuers monitored the area and found the mother to be nearby. They united the baby and mother.

Talking about the incident, Wasim Akram, Deputy Director- Special Projects, Wildlife SOS said: “As the baby monkey was stuck in a barbed wire, there was a high chance of self-inflicted injuries. So the first thing our team did was to check for wounds and then reunite the baby with the mother.”