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Maharashtra villagers rescue cobra and jackal from well in rare feat

It was a rare incident when Maharashtra Forest Department and Wildlife SOS rescued a cobra and jackal from a well in Maharashtra

Adverse circumstances make even sworn enemies compromise. An example of this came to the fore when the Maharashtra Forest Department and the non-governmental organisation Wildlife SOS rescued a Spectacled cobra and a Golden jackal trapped together in a 25-foot-deep dry well.

This rare incident took place in Rajuri village, Junnar taluka in Maharashtra.

The villagers were in for a surprise as they never thought that they would see such a sight, when their attention was drawn to a snake and a jackal stuck together in the same well. Sensing a grave situation, they immediately informed the MFD who in turn alerted the NGO for a rescue operation.

The rescue team equipped with necessary gear rushed to the spot to help the distressed animals. After carefully assessing the situation, they first lowered a net to haul the jackal out of the well. Following this, a member of the rescue team went down the well to bring out the cobra which was five feet long.

The operation took two hours after which both the animals were released in the wild.

Sharing details about the incident, Dr. Akhilesh Dhage, Veterinary Officer, Wildlife SOS said: “Witnessing the snake and the jackal coexisting in that temporary environment was an incredibly rare sight. We carried out an on-site health assessment and determined that both animals were fit for release. The 2-year-old male jackal was released on the spot, the snake was released at a short distance from the original rescue location.”