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Maharashtra Forest Dept. officials save injured chinkara in nick of time

This Indian gazelle or Chinkara was attacked by a pack of feral dogs and was rescued by Maharashtra Forst Department and treated at Wildlife SOS facility

Continuing with its effort to save animals, the Maharashtra Forest Department in collaboration with Wildlife SOS, a non-governmental organisation has rescued and rehabilitated many injured animals in the State.

In the course of this week, the four-member rescue team from Wildlife SOS, along with Forest officials saved an Indian gazelle, a langur, and a jackal.

An injured Chinkara or Indian gazelle was rescued by the Forest Department from Belhe. This 9-month-old female was in immediate need of medical aid as it was attacked by a pack of feral dogs. It was rushed to the Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Centre run by the Department and the NGO, where the animal underwent extensive medical care for a week under the care of the Wildlife SOS veterinary doctors.

The animal recovered steadily and once found fit was released into its natural habitat.

Following this case, a 17-year-old male Grey langur was found in distress on the roadside in Khed in Maharashtra. Acting promptly, the Forest Department staff swiftly brought the langur to Wildlife SOS facility where it received vital treatment and care.

At Waghule village in the State, the rescue team saved a four-year-old Golden jackal which had fallen into a dry 25-foot-deep open dry well. After a two-hour operation, the animal was rescued and as it did not show any signs of distress or open wounds it was released into its natural habitat after a preliminary examination.

Talking about these rescue operations, Ajit Shinde, Range Forest Officer, Junnar Forest Range, said: “The successful rescue operation conducted by the forest department and Wildlife SOS is a testament to the extraordinary impact that can be achieved with collaborative efforts to save India’s wildlife. I am thankful that we could provide relief to these animals in need.”