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Madhya Pradesh’s Panna reserve celebrates birth of 4 tiger cubs in May

Tigress P-234 relaxing in the pool with her cub in Panna Tiger Reserve (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@PannaTigerResrv)

The forest officials of Madhya Pradesh and wildlife enthusiasts in the country celebrated as Panna Tiger Reserve in the State saw the birth of two cubs. This was announced by an official of PTR.

The tigress who gave birth is P-234 and she was spotted with two cubs recently in the Akola buffer area of the reserve, said Brijendra Jha, Field Director of PTR. He added that the cubs looked healthy and were four months old.

This month also saw another tigress P-234 (23) who is the daughter of P-234 moving around with two of her cubs.

Jha said the birth of four cubs has been reported from the PTR this month.

In the last census, 78 tigers had been found to be inhabiting PTR.