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Light-emitting waves at Vizag beach stun visitors 

For the first time Visakhapatnam witnessed blue-coloured bioluminescent waves bringing visitors in droves (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/ @VizagWeather247)

Residents of Visakhapatnam and tourists visiting the place were in for a pleasant surprise when bioluminescent waves were seen for the first time at the city’s Bheemili beach. The natural phenomena attracted people in droves leaving them spellbound.

This natural occurrence caught people’s attention when some Andhra University’s M. Tech students during their drive to the beach saw it and made a video of it. They posted it on  social media with the post going viral when Vizag Weatherman, a city-based blogger shared it.

Sharing their experience with the media the students said when they saw blue lights on the waves they were intrigued. Going closer they caught it on the camera.

According to Dr. Janakiram, Professor at Marine Living Resources, Andhra University, bioluminescence takes place when tiny marine organisms known as phytoplankton get activated by movement of waves resulting in emission of bright light.

The Professor added that depending on the nutrients in the water, this phenomenon can happen again. Even though it is not harmful to contact it, the local authorities have requested people to avoid doing it.

Bioluminescence has been observed in Chennai’s well-known Marina Beach also where the wave glowed with a blue-green light due to the phytoplankton.